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Photo: Jordan Gannon photographed by his wife, Carlie Gannon

Perspyre is a social app that empowers motivated and dedicated people who are passionate about fitness and activities like Crossfit. Members connect, share and compete with others around the world, for whom physical fitness is at the very core of their lifestyle.

Our mission is simple: Connect the world’s “motivated and dedicated”. When you join Perspyre, you gain access to people, workouts, athletes, products, coaches, and insights that help you be great at what you live for.

Perspyre Mobile

Since we don’t know anyone who carries their laptop to the gym.

Whether you’re taking a “gym selfie”, logging a workout, bragging about a PR, showing off that monster snatch, or just looking to connect with other people as dedicated to fitness as you are, Persypre is the perfect app to have on your phone.

Thousands of people are already #perspyring... Here are a few.

  • Michael
    Boynton Beach, Florida
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Seth
    College Station, Texas
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Jason
    Belmont, Massachusetts
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Kari
    Newport News, Virginia
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Bryan
    Corona, California
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Jeremy
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Nathan
    Westborough, Massachusetts
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Sean
    Mesa, Arizona
    Primary Activity: Crossfit
  • Sarah
  • Rachel